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Jane Olding

Artist Statement

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I am a painter working mainly with oils on canvas and my work is usually either a representational or abstract response to the surroundings, the garden, wider landscape and changing seasons, as well as events that cause me to think creatively. 


Drawing, oil pastel sketches and written observations help to begin a painting that could then be carefully planned or entirely intuitive, coming together as I work on the canvas. I like to paint quickly and spontaneously but at times favour structure and detail. I enjoy discovering new ways to use colour and often refer to artists such as Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Howard Hodgkin and David Hockney.


From early childhood when I was encouraged to draw, my enthusiasm for art took me to the St Albans School of Art then later into teaching. I gained a B.Ed and Diploma of Art in Education at King Alfred’s College, Winchester then managed and taught art in primary schools until retirement gave me the time to concentrate on my own practice. My work is constantly evolving and I gain a lot from working alongside other artists as well as in my studio at home.