GCSE Pupil - privately tutored

Tutoring GCSE and A Level Students

The examples of work here, are by a 16year old boy who was not doing GCSE art at school, but needed to get onto an A Level Art/Graphic Design course.

I was able to fast track him through the essentials for GCSE, enabling him to develop a portfolio of work, sufficient to be accepted onto an A Level Art course.

To update, August 2020, this student has just passed his A Level with a grade A.


Observational Drawing

Drawing with focus on different formal elements and the study of other artists. Mediums included graphite, charcoal, conte and pastels.


Creative Idea Development

Responding to a brief through research and gathering sources from which to draw/paint. The process of generating ideas through investigation and experimentation.


Practical Skills & Presentation

Gouache and acrylic painting, mixed media and digital skills including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Creative presentations, font use and design. Final outcomes.

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