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Susie Walton

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I only ever wanted to be an artist and was thrilled to gain a place at Art College after leaving school. However, for personal reasons I left the course and eventually life took over and it was not until I retired that I could at last fulfil my dream. It was then that I went to University and obtained a degree in Fine Art. During that time my work focused on the abstract and figurative using acrylic, pastel and textiles. After leaving I moved into oils and in doing so have expanded my practice to include land/seascapes and the wider natural world. 

I would describe myself a multimedia artist using oil and/or acrylic paints, pastels, fabric and embroidery. My work falls into the three areas; shape and colour, figurative and the natural world. To list all of the artists who have influenced me here would take too much space but the following are worth mentioning; Louise Bourgeoise and Faith Ringgold (textile work), Ben Nicholson, Frank Stellar and Bridget Riley (shape and colour), Alice Neel, David Hockney and Vincent Van Gogh (figurative and natural world). 

Most projects begin slowly with some vision in my head, the work then evolves as I go giving each piece its individuality while keeping it realistic. As can be seen by my work, I love colour and cannot avoid bringing it into most of my work using shape and contrast to produce the effect I require.