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Karina Hill

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I started painting 6 years ago after a lifestyle change, leaving a professional career and moving to a place by the sea .


During this time I have discovered the joys of watercolour, acrylics, oils, life drawing and more recently monotype and mono print. My journey goes on as I love to learn.


My art so far is primarily influenced by various projects so you will find many different subjects, styles and mediums. However as I begin to to find my own voice and with overlooking Portsmouth Harbour, I am definitely drawn to painting coastal scenes intermingled with a rich heritage of ancient architecture and maritime subjects. Bold use of colour is a strong feature.


I enjoy working in oils and creating texture and my more recent work is inspired by Ben Nicholson - recognisable scenes abstracted to create ambiguity. Currently, I am reluctant to be bound by a particular style, as continual exploration is my joy. My creativity is evolving, encompassing all types of art/media, and with the influence of different tutors. 


I like to create paintings from real life sketches and from my own photographic images.